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I Did Come Along to Batolusong  

Credit to Dhan for this stunning, award-winning photo! 🙂

I really love the sky

But I don’t want to fly

I want to climb a mountain

But to think of it makes me sigh

I want to feel so high

But the fear of heights makes me cry

The irony of it all

Simply makes me ask “Why?”

But real friends make me strong

And help me address what’s wrong

They help me see nature

In ways that will make me mature

Hiking up a mountain

Taught me to fight

To walk and climb

With all my might

To carry the littlest burdens

Make the travel light

Enjoy the journey

Breathe in the sight

No matter how scary

Is the mountain’s height

The birds all learn

To enjoy the flight

The sun will continue

to shine bright

No matter how many times

Day turns to night

Friendships are strengthened

As we reached Mt. Batolusong’s height

Our perspectives widened

Our horizons broadened

Friends, nature, and life

See their beauty altogether

Put your heart into your travel

Decide to wander, wonder, and ponder


This post is reminiscent of two challenges that I overcame with the help of my favorite people in the world. First, I got to write a poem (which I last did way back in high school) for a travel photo contest (when I never really take pictures when I travel). Second, as the title of this post stated: I did come along with friends to Mt. Batolusong, Tanay, Rizal. Cheers to my first real mountain hike! I did not imagine that I would be able to fulfill my dream of mountain climbing. Despite all my hesitations, my closest of friends succeeded in hiking all the way to the very peak with me. What a heavy baggage I must have been! Haha.

Really, I’m grateful to God for friends who challenged me to go out of my comfort zone, and never left me behind when I thought I couldn’t make it. I had a recent realization that I am not as nice as I thought I was. But, these crazy friends never gave up on me but were compassionate toward me and highly motivated enough to inspire me during the low points of my life. They don’t tolerate me but always bring me closer to the Lord so that I may change and be the person He wanted me to be. Indeed, making dreams come true is so much better when you’ve got real friends to do it with you. ❤


“Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family.” Proverbs 18:24 (MSG)