To one awe-inspiring writer I know,

You really know how to get your message across. Two years passed since your posts, and people still talk about it, share about it, dream about it, hope for it. And the impact just keeps on.

Without you knowing,

…you’ve already landed a name in the minds of parents (and grandparents) whom you do not know.

…you consume a lot of people’s time, people who keep thinking of the words you’ve said.

…your words have given hope to an almost dying heart.

…someone else gained the courage to influence the world because of your words.

…friends of friends know about you, even though they have never seen you.

…you’re being quoted via text, in blogs, in conversations, and many more.

…you are a reason why two girls had a fight, then became soul mate friends.

…you frequently have the lead role in someone else’s dreams.

…people want to be like you, and wish many other guys would be like you, too.

…you are gradually being set as the standard.

…someone else finds a reason to smile or laugh, or get out of the bed every morning–still because of you.

…many have gained the strength to teach, knowing there is at least one student who really listens, and

…many have been inspired to be the best student they can be, because they have seen someone who is.

…you awaken the writer in many others’ souls,…

just like mine.

so here’s the beginning of a hopefully sustainable blogging habit of mine, all because you’ve inspired me to share my insights to the world. This is all without you knowing, or maybe you do. Whatever the case is, here I go–not just because of you, but also because of Him who inspires you to keep writing and motivates me to write as well.

Cheers to more heartfelt expressions of the soul! 🙂



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