Why am I Still… 

A few days ago I turned 26. My mother got married at the age of 26. I did not intend to sound pressured or bitter at all with this statement. Well, maybe a little in between the lines. There has never been a point in my life where my family pushed me to have a boyfriend. Not until this Christmas vacation. (Just kidding!) But the two questions that my longtime family friends and relatives kept throwing to me this past holiday season were:

  1. How old are you now? 
  2. When will you get married?

The lack for an answer to number 2 made it harder to answer number 1. I couldn’t even start with number 1, knowing that the number 2 question would surely follow! Then I remember one line from the Doulos Devotion that I read weeks ago. It read something like this: “After many years, Jacob’s desire has been met because he could have a child with the woman he loved. He had loved her so much that he committed to work seven more years in order to marry her” (Castellanos, 2016). We all knew Jacob’s side of the story. But what about Rachel? How was she able to endure seven years of waiting? Did it also seem like a few days for her because she loved him? Did she love him in the first place to wait for him seven years?

While these questions surely do take a lot of time in research, God brings me to the topic of waiting as I thought about this thing in the past weeks:

1. To wait means to be better. 

Waiting is often pictured as sitting on a chair staring at the ceiling as time wastes away. It should mean more than just that. When Jacob met Rachel she was taking care of the sheep. When the servant of Isaac’s father saw Rebekah, she was doing her task to draw water. You don’t just sit and look pretty when you wait; you work, and you get the work done. You work til you become better. Waiting is a journey. This is a no-nonsense perspective, because even determining the right lifetime partner is a journey. Marrying the right person is a journey. Everything is a journey toward perfection, until the day Jesus comes to make us perfect. It is the journey that makes the destination or outcome more fulfilling.

2. To wait means to believe in the promise.

You wait because the One who promised is faithful. He called you and chose you. He redeemed you from the past, renewed your mindset, and gave you a new heart. He restored everything you lost during the times you acted foolish. He gave you everything you need for life and godliness. He equips you to accomplish His purpose (2 Peter 1:3). He gave His Son for your salvation; surely He will graciously give you all things through Christ (Romans 8:32). It is His will for you to raise a generation that loves Him. Surely, He will provide a way for it. 

You wait because what He has in store is good, even far more wonderful than what you imagined. You wait because you know that it would be worth the wait. That this person would be worth the wait. It’s not like marriage (or a love relationship at the least) is something anyone can have as soon as he wants to. Maybe the reason it does not come around yet is that God is still preparing you for the big reveal. So, learn, learn, learn. Explore and discover. Always aim to be at your best, knowing that those who wait on the Lord and trust Him will never be put to shame (Romans 10:11). 

Patiently waiting… for the bus. ❤
One of the best gifts ever from Mam Leah. Let’s enjoy the wait, one day at a time. 😉

So, yes. I’m learning to enjoy waiting. With a God Whose love never fails, how can one dare to complain? I know God won’t fail me; so, I won’t fail Him. Everything falls in their proper places at the right time. For my part, I will keep on basking in the light of God’s love and letting people know of this: He is the source of love. In fact, He is love. (1 John 4:7-12)

“Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14


6 thoughts on “Why am I Still… 

      1. nakasubscribe eh hehe kaya notified agad hehe. pero galing talaga keren. sana mgawan ka rin ng libro. “‘Ang alamat ni Keren'” 🙂

      2. Haha! Please! 😊
        Ay keren may tanong ako. Sa cherry mobile head office ka ba nagwowork samay apacible st ba un.


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