Letter to a Dear Friend

Everyone desires to give himself completely to someone else that he loves. I am wondering if this is something you have already done and failed, or if it is too great a feat that you still keep searching for the “one” most deserving of your love. With much concern, I hope it is the latter.

“We only receive the love we think we deserve,” is one common saying. And another is that “you can only give what you have.” I know, deep inside of you, that you have the capacity to endow any person you choose with a love that lasts forever. I know you have the ability to build a good family. I know you have a big chance at saying goodbye to a lifetime of loneliness. I know you can because you want to. But the thing is, you should know.You should know that you deserve this: to love and be loved. To be vulnerable toward someone you love but secure that she will love you back no matter what.To give of yourself for someone else and be fulfilled because of it. You should know that no one is too bad that love can’t change him. No one is beyond forgiveness.

I am no expert in love, but this I am sure of: no other person can complete you. Only God can, because everything begins and ends in Him. I pray that as you think about these things you’ll come to realize that it is God’s love and forgiveness that you should first seek. Getting right with God will remove all the guilt and replace it with hope. Hope that says, “It is not yet too late for love.”


There is something amazing in literally waking up in the morning and having the right words for the “write” time. Maybe I should keep a notepad and pen always on the bedside.

A takeaway quote:

“How strange and backwards the world can be sometimes. So many people just give up on love, even though love is the best thing that can happen to them.”

 — James Patterson, Sam’s Letters to Jennifer



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