Letter About the (Not so) Special Guy

Today I got surprised by yet another letter from the past which I forgot I wrote. Exactly last year I was writing about a guy who had taken a special place in my heart. But now I cannot even remember his name! The only thing that remains is the reminder that stands so true and so important even today, exactly one year after the letter has been written. So, to give you a glimpse of the letter from FutureMe.org:

Dear FutureMe,

I want you to know that on this day you’ve felt so much irritation that you felt you’ve disregarded all the people around you who cared.

On this day you kept thinking of ways to escape feeling so deprived of joy–or people, but know deep inside that it is not anyone else who can alleviate the pain, but God alone.

On this day, you have already counted weeks thinking how much this one special person takes a big space in your heart–and thinking how he could be the one you’re waiting for. Oh, well. God says he’s good, but the better and the best are yet to come. Maybe this guy thinks so, too, as he now tries to maintain some distance from you. But somehow you have this feeling that you want him to know how you feel for him–how special you place him in your heart. But you just can’t seem to do so.

On this day, you feel so confused, so lost, because you’ve gradually been missing on the only thing that’s needed–your relationship with God. So may this be a reminder to you, Future Self, to never regret this essential one thing in your life, less everything else will fall into pieces.

So long,

Your Old Self

Got the reminder? So what can you say? 🙂


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