Desperate for the Missing Piece

There is always that moment in life when we feel like…



…in despair.

…beyond repair.

…in deep frustration.

…in utter desperation.

A moment when it feels like everything’s going wrong, everyone’s less tolerable, every action’s out of place, every aim missed, and all of what remains becomes so blurry you can’t hold on to them. It feels like, in the end, nothing really makes sense. It is as if nothing really matters.

But one person says it’s part of being human. It’s a place everyone has to go in at least one point of her life. Desperation is, as she says, the end of self-sufficiency. And it is true, because at the end of it all, we’re not meant to be live on our own for our own. We are meant to live with God, for God.

Yes. He’s just waiting for us to be quiet so that we could hear Him. He just wants us to come to the end of our strength so that  He could show us that He is enough. He just wants our heart broken so that He can make it whole–because He is the missing piece that can complete us. Yes, He is the only One that can complete you.


In the day that I called, you answered me. You encouraged me with strength in my soul. ~ Psalm 138:3



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