Silently Breaking

What does it feel like to be on the top the world, having achieved a lot of things, famous all throughout the world, envied by many? What does it feel, really?

When Sharyl and I get to talk about college life, there is this one person whom we always want to ask, “How does it feel to be you, dear darling of the crowd?” It is because when we look upon the life of this person, it seems like having everything IS possible.

Oh, but I guess that’s an overstatement.

I remember Kuya Allan sharing his experiences in his trip to India last month. He told about the growing microfinance institutions there, about people working in their offices and in field areas to extend help and transformation to the poor. He told of the spicy food which he somehow got a trauma of. Then he excitedly shared about their visit to Taj Mahal and its beautiful symmetry. How exhilarating was his sharing!

Kuya Allan's shot of the Taj Mahal

But then a question rang through my mind: If the Taj Mahal was built out of a king’s love for his sick wife, could the wife had been so amazed of it the way we are? How sure are we that the marble epitome of love wasn’t ever taken for granted by her? Did she even have a chance to know about it?

Maybe an outstanding skill in singing or dancing won’t ever be taken for granted. People look at them with delight and awe, probably with a little envy. Some of them even rise to become celebrities. But even these skilled singers and dancers invest countless hours practicing–and at some point, these practices come synonymous with sacrifice.

This is where I think I can relate the quote, “Stars shine brightly on the outside, but silently break on the inside.”

Come to think of it, whatever great treasure we hold in our hands come with a great price. Successful businessmen–what have they given up to accomplish much? Famous stars–whom have they let go of to own the pedestal? And simple people living their lives to be agents of transformation around them–what sacrifices have they made in the secret just to bring about change in the people whom they haven’t really known?

The story of Po in Kung Fu Panda 2 came into my mind. Po, being the hero that he is, has a hard time dealing with the villain Lord Shen. This is because he lacks inner peace–he hasn’t come to peace with his past. And this prevented him from achieving victory. But once he has gotten it over with, victory came easy.

Po in Kung Fu Panda 2

Maybe this is one sacrifice we have yet to make in order to achieve the greater things we are meant to have in life. Have we come at peace with the past? Have we gotten over it and moved on towards our great destiny? Can we call ours a life fully surrendered to our Master? This is one price we have to pay to achieve the greatness He promised. Maybe in order to shine brightly on the outside, just like stars, we have to be broken on the inside–at the feet of our Master.


2 thoughts on “Silently Breaking

  1. Bunso,

    sorry ngayon ko lang nabasa yung blog mo….i’m proud of you..ang galing ni hearts and sky…worth taking a break and reading your blogs…abangan ko ang sususnod na kabanata..hehehehe…God bless

    1. kuya! šŸ™‚ thanks po for taking time to read my blog. šŸ™‚ di bale, marami pang susunod na kabanta, sa dinami-rami ba namang experiences natin sa dept at sa office na worth sharing. šŸ˜€ til next time!


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