For those who ask “why?”

In this world, we get what we deserve–or at least we claim that we ought to. When one studies hard, the result is good grades. When one is kind to others, kindness will be given back. Essentially, receiving is proportionate to doing. You receive something for what you do.

That can also be one reason that people in relationships expect the other to be as faithful, caring, and honest as they are–because it’s what they deserve. The rule is, if you want something, work (hard) for it. Become deserving of it.

But there is always that exception to the rule.

I remember a friend who often would go to school without even a pen in hand, somehow clueless with what is going to happen the moment he enters the class. Upon sitting down, he would ask a seatmate or a nearby friend what the agenda would be, then request a sheet of paper and borrow a pen. Recitation comes, and there he would distinctly rise above the others, as though he has prepared well for it. Quizzes and exams come; he would get the top spot. Feels like he doesn’t deserve it, right? But one reason he’d throw off to justify his case is this: it’s in the genes.

Come to think of it, that kind of reasoning does make sense. Others work hard to deserve a position, a reward, or a status in life. But when one gets to have the connection or receive a favor, that person manages to get through with less effort. This is one aspect where life indeed is unfair. Hardworking people get their reward; favored people get more than what they deserve. Be it in the form of a random pick, a connection with some powerful person, or an inherited privilege, it all boils down to that–favor. Being rewarded for a job well done is great, but receiving an honor or a prized possession even when you don’t deserve it is extraordinary. Webster defined being favored as being granted special concessions. Now that is something not everyone can experience.

God confirms and repeats in His Word that His children, people who love and live for Him, are favored by Him. Now being favored IS something, but being favored by God is even greater. I just can’t imagine how much a person favored by the All Powerful and All Knowing could achieve, let alone what he or she could possess!

And still, there is this exceptional love that we receive even when we are not deserving of it. In a paradigm superior to that of this world, there was this One who gave His life for many–even while they were still sinners, ungrateful and undeserving. A love so pure and endless, undeserved by those who are so full of themselves. But still He gives it to them, to us.

Ever experienced more than what you have imagined? Ever received more than what you’ve asked for? And, have you ever asked, “Why?” I believe the answer is this: With God, we receive not because we deserve, but because He is faithful.

Yes, He is–though oftentimes, we’re not. 🙂



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