3 wisdom nuggets from the 3 Idiots

On a day after making sure that my soulmate friends and I would graduate on time, we took a night off to Kimmy’s house. There we had some good laughs, had our stomachs filled with good food, and settled down to watch 3 Idiots, a wonderful movie I never knew before existed. A Bollywood film with a twist done by what I believe to be a great scriptwriter and an awesome director, 3 Idiots will make you laugh out loud one minute and get you teary-eyed the next, and altogether you would never notice that two and a half hours just passed by so quickly. According to a review by Sarita Tanwar, 3 Idiots conveys so much impact it stays in your mind hours–for me it took days–after you’ve watched it. There are a lot of things both new and repackaged to be taken from this film, and I don’t want to spoil the ultimate fun of learning them as you watch the film. There are just some personal learning I just cant resist to share in this blog. Hope you’d find them interesting the way I did.

1. Learning isn’t all about being grade conscious.

It’s not about mindless memorizations of names and dates, getting to pass an exam without really understanding what the concepts are. Learning occurs when one becomes excited about discovering something new and applies it. It never stops when one finally graduates from school, or when one finally receives a worked-hard-for  degree/title. As people would always say, learning never stops. I personally think one would know whether she is actually learning or just going through the motions, i.e. mindlessly memorizing. Oftentimes though, it is easier to act like a machine than take the risk of challenging conventions to discover and apply new things.

2. The heart scares easily; so, you would have to trick it to believe.

I would always remember the tag line, “All is well”, the one main character Rancho would whisper to himself when a challenging situation gets his heart to thump faster. He said that making yourself believe that all is well does not actually solve the problem, but it gives the courage to face what lies at hand. If the heart is deceitful, why not try to deceive it back to get it focused on what it is supposed to feel? That is a question I have yet to digest and answer.

3. Pursue excellence, and success will follow you.

Excellence here is defined not as being the best among all the others, but being at your best–all that you can be. It doesn’t matter what rank you land into, or how your work fares compared to others’. What matters is whether you have given all that you can give, whether you’ve done all that you could have done. And to be able to do just that, you should give all that you are into what you do. I remember Ptr Gher saying that your work is your integrity. It shows who you are as a person, as a maker. To achieve excellence, you have to incorporate passion in what you do.

Personally, this film comes dear to my heart as it makes me reflect on what spending roughly 17 years in school really contributed to my life. Have I truly learned, or have I just learned how to act like a machine, bringing that kind of mediocre, lifeless habit into the workplace? Now that school days are officially over, and the “season to earn” sneaks fast into my life, 3 Idiots leads me to think whether I have been trained enough to live in honor and excellence in order to assure success in the coming years. The thoughts can keep rolling on and more and more insights can be produced with just this single film, but definitely all of these good thoughts will amount to nothing if they would not lead to one thing: application.

So what do you think?



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