Behind the petite figure and the pretty face

On this wee hour of the day, I decided to write about someone valuable in my life, simply because there are people I love who just deserve to be given tribute to.

This person is someone only a few people really know about. When you get to see her, you’ll believe she’s a girl so quiet and organized, but when you get to know her, you’ll realize that you’ve been living with one big lie all along. *wink* So what has she got? At the onset, you’ll notice these striking features:

  • pretty face
  • petite figure
  • a hair that doesn’t seem to experience a hair comb once in a while *wink again*
  • a charming smile
  • nice personality
  • plus more

She is someone who seems to be so frail, “she can’t even insert a straw to a tetra pack of juice”, one close friend would say.  I would often tease her, calling her “vulnerable”, and she would then get irritated. But the truth is, she can do a lot of things even without the help of others.  Whenever she is really into doing something, she can afford to stay late or not sleep at all just to get it done. And the result? Of course, excellent. Well, she knows how to make friends with people around her, except for guys who do not know how to “draw the lines”. And she is really good at animated storytelling! The tone of her voice rises along with her excitement. She is a real, caring friend–someone who knows how to listen and how to give a hand. What is admirable about her is the value she puts on her family–to the point of prioritizing their wants over her needs. That is one reason her little sister really looks up to her and her little brother vows to protect her against undeserving boys who look for a chance to get her heart.  Well, an admirable person she actually is. A loving daughter and sister, a true friend, an engaging writer, an excellent student, a beautiful person inside out.

So to one of my dear soul mate friends, on the tenth day after your 2oth birthday, the desire still never dies out in my heart to tell you (and the rest of the world) just how much I thank God for the wonderful way He has shown me His love and greatness through you.


You are His one wonderful masterpiece. Keep shining for His glory.




*The draft of this entry was written on Jan 30, 2011, at 6 a.m.–right after dealing with my bloody thesis on a night without sleep.


4 thoughts on “Behind the petite figure and the pretty face

  1. you ARE welcome. 🙂 sorry, i had no time to do some artsy birthday cards like the ones you gave me on my birthday. ganito na lang. 😀 super belated happy birthday again! haha. cherish the life He gave you. 😉


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