To embrace and not fight

“You can’t expect to meet the challenges of today with yesterday’s tools and expect to be in business tomorrow.”

This is a famous quote from an unknown source which I got here. And it’s true. Organizations need to level up their standards and performance if they want to remain in business. In their article “Major, Major Market Trends in Book Publishing” posted in on September 23, 2010, Ned and Ardy Roberto discussed up-to-date market trends in book publishing. They initially gave two market trends.

MT 1: Books are not dead

No, they’re not. The authors of the said article noted how people rushed to SMX in MoA to avail themselves of the big book sale. The article also showed that big book publishing companies like National Book Store and OMF Literature increased their sales this year and opened new stores. What they pointed out, however, was that books are now becoming digital . Basically, books nowadays still exist but are taking a new form as they have taken a different way of being published and purchased. The problem is that while big publishing companies including Vibal Publishing House, Inc can ride on with the digital shift, many Filipino publishers find it hard to get along.

MT 2: eBooks will eventually outsell printed books

Gadgets like the iPad and Kindle are becoming more affordable nowadays such that readers are given the option to get digital books instead of printed ones. With China releasing thousands of iPad-like devices, more and more readers will get hooked on e-books. It is easy to see that the trend now for publishers to go digital. As Elwell put it, “E-publish or perish!”

Not only is the call for publishing companies to accept the challenge of getting involved in the digital shift. Basically, every organization should be able to see that the web is a better place to get the business not just going but booming.

Books go digital.

If books are changing, the web is also pretty much changing. It is no longer for computers, but is now also for people. The web is now becoming an accommodating venue for entrepreneurs to boom, as highlighted by Amanda Kooser in her Entrepreneur magazine article “New Digital Dawning”. Entrepreneurs and organizations alike can use websites, blogs, and other NSM tools to establish their online presence and connect to their customers. The thing is that we are already on the third wave; we’re done with the HTML browsers, and almost  past online access via mobile phones. Kooser pointed out that we’re on the third wave; we’re all about everyday objects having internet access. Evidently, organizations and starting entrepreneurs have to change old ways and catch up. Joining the digital shift isn’t only about being relevant and up-to-date,  but using a more affordable and effective means of communicating to your customers and to market your product.

Life is so full of challenges and we have to meet them and overcome. But all efforts would turn to nothing if we keep on using yesterday’s old strategies to get by. Organizations need a breakthrough. As Bart Decrem emphasized, “The big thing that’s going on is that control is shifting from the creators of content and the publishers of content to the consumers… The winning startups have embraced [this shift instead of] fighting and trying to control it.” (as cited by Kooser).


“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

-George Bernard Shaw


One thought on “To embrace and not fight

  1. i must admit that the last time i truly read a book because i truly wanted to and not because it’s a requirement was july of last year. it was a collection of four and read it all. books kind of cost a little that’s why even with the intention to buy, ebooks could do the trick. it is a good thing that a few have gotten the books business in the digital scene.


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