Reflected in water

Why do we have to do the things we HAVE to do? I bet you have asked that question a lot more than just once.

Well, I may not know the most fit answer, but I guess it is so that we can have the joy of learning to love what used to be a can’t-do-away-with requirement, and grow in the process. Just the way I am feeling right now.

So, I have to post a blog once a day for three days and two on the fourth day in order to meet the course requirement. Or, I could do it all at once and post them on the same day (which  I do not have the leisure of time to be able to do). Then I thought, I’ve never needed so much inspiration in my life! (haha.)

So what is a blog supposed to be?

I browsed my notebook and saw the handout my classmates gave in class (thanks to Earl’s group! :)). They gave some points on what blogging is, coming from Connie Bensen:

  • an exercise for the writer to synthesize his/her thoughts
  • a repository of information for future visitors
  • a reflection of the writer’s journey over the course of time
  • a source of a higher level of learning

Sir Barry also shared to the class three important things about blogging (which talks more about corporate blogging):

  • Companies don’t blog; individuals do.
  • Writing blogs is about reading blogs.
  • Blogging is just a tool, not the strategy.

It is also worthy to stress that people prefer blogs over corporate websites because they are more updated, personal, and relevant.

So blogging is another way of presenting online content to the customers, the readers–a way more personal and relevant. Blogs can be used to communicate to two sets of people: those who have initial knowledge of your brand and those who do not. People who know your brand can have a general knowledge of what you are about, but do not really know what you do, how you work, why you are worth their time, attention, and resources, and a lot more. Through corporate blogging, you can get to share to them how you as a brand are worth establishing and nurturing a relationship with. And the convincing happens in a way that interests them, not turning them off. With blogs, you can bring them back to an experience they had with your brand, and remember it.

Customers who do not have that much of a knowledge about your brand can be won over by blogs that appear personal and authentic. It might seem a play of words, but if through your blogs they may get to decide that your brand is something they can integrate into their lifestyle, then that’s the way to go. Blogs aren’t just about words, anyway.

I remember when  Sharyl mentioned how a lot of what we see in websites including social networking sites appeared to be nonsense online content. They don’t seem to convey life and meaning to the readers. The message which the writer wants to relay (if ever they do have a message in mind to relay) do not reach the readers’ understanding. But meanings are in people, right? And people attach meanings more easily when  they get a feel of the context of the matter–when they see the matter relevant and personal. These are what blogs are made for. Blogs enable the readers to reflect on what’s happening around them and make these more readable, more understandable, for them simply because they can relate to them more easily.

When people find themselves too busy to look up into the sky, well they can soothe their eyes by looking into water–and see themselves as part of the reflection, as an entity with a role to play in the picture. If social mirroring is  the case, we can consider blogs as reflections. Amidst the tiredness, the confusion,  the clutter, readers can get to look down and see what we want them to see about our brands and how these relate to them.

So there. I realized blogging isn’t as easy as shouting out your heart to the sky. And it’s true. I’ve never needed so much inspiration in my life. But it’s this time I realized that it could also be fun–and amazing–searching for inspiration elsewhere–when it fact, it could just be found right there, within you.



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