Just because I wanted to tell you

I love writing stories. When I was in high school, I made a lot of them, and interestingly, I also write some today. At present, I am a story writer for microfinance organization CCT Group of Ministries. I write stories, or profiles, of CCT’s partner micro-entrepreneurs who apply for business loans. These stories are edited and published in the website of an online lending platform of CCT’s partner organization called Kiva, which bridges loan lenders from across the globe to entrepreneurs who need financial aid. So, that’s a glimpse of an aspect of my life called work.

When I was far from “work” and enjoying doing some personal stuff online, I saw a surprising reminder:

Kiva makes its presence felt

New Social Media really makes the world smaller. Tsk.

Yesterday, my friends and I spent some of our precious time eating and laughing and, basically, doing nothing–just to have fun, talk about experiences, share stories. Sharyl called it one of our “idle moments” but definitely marked it as worth treasuring. Yes, stories that kept us all sane.

Last Monday my cell leader and I had a night talk about life. And guess what. She just made me share all that is happening in my life–from family to acads to crushes to love life–for most of the time. Before we parted ways, she said she learned a lot from me just from the stories I shared to her that night.

So what about stories? Ever since the time of Jesus stories are being used to make the audience see, hear, understand, establish a connection, relate, and draw as many insights from the topic at hand. Since time immemorial, stories are being used by humans to convey emotions, relay thoughts, give impressions and beliefs about life, and more. They’re being used to inform, to entertain,  to get people’s attention, and for many other purposes. There is a storyteller in each of us, because naturally, people love to hear stories.

People love to hear stories, even those that scare them 😉

So now that organizations realize that they’ve got to be human in interacting with their customers, organizations should all the more take seriously the habit of making stories–and propagating them–in order to establish and nurture human relationships with the customers. See how long it took them to realize something that we’ve been doing so commonly as breathing? Businesses can capitalize on stories to get stable ground with the community. Imagine, you are a brand, and there you are with a group of friends, laughing and sharing your story as you listen to theirs. You don’t just get a reputation that is amiable to the community; you also get the privilege of being “tagged” in every individual memory (if there’s such a thing) and getting the VIP invite in case of another get-together. You, the brand, being an indispensable part of the community. It’s the best picture imaginable.

So better hold on to the stories and make them as interesting and personal as they could get. Because truly, stories are what captivate not just the mind, but also the heart.



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