Letter to Dan

Dear DAN,

(Digital Age OrganizatioN)

So we’ve had a break up. And I still honestly believe it’s your fault. You didn’t talk to me personally on a deeper level. You didn’t hang out with me. You barely listened to what I’m trying to tell you. You don’t even seem to care about what I feel. I just didn’t feel the relationship.

But you know what? I can feel your efforts to win me back again. And I’m loving every single part of it.

Now, we’re starting to have conversations. We’re beginning to have real talk, because you’ve started to listen. You respond promptly now, and I can feel you care. You’re now paying attention to what  I say, care about, feel, or even think about.

And you certainly care about what I think about! Before, it was you who dictated what I should buy or eat or watch. You’ve been giving me only two options: Yes or No. But now, you’re giving me the choice to pick what I want when I want it. But this doesn’t mean I’m leaving you out of the options. Because you now give me the freedom to choose, I’m still considering to choose you–yes, you.

I love it when you finally gave me a chance to voice out my critical assessment of your stuff–some sort of curation–, finally getting the point that those comments and reviews are not only for my emotional release, but for your betterment as well. See, I still care about you. I want you to become better.

And, thank you for allowing me to discover different, new ways on how I can express myself. This creation of an alter-ego or multiple personalities make me feel more human. I can now be myself more. But don’t worry;  I promise to create ways on showing you and the world just how much I appreciate the stuff you make, the services you offer, the advocacy you work for. I’ll be your No.1 Advocate.

Most of all, thank you for quitting on doing all the efforts yourself to make this relationship work. You see, every relationship is a collaboration. Won’t you give me a chance to do something to make things better? I can make things easier for you. Besides, help is made ready by people out there who just care and simply want to help. The truth is, this relationship isn’t supposed to be only about you or only about me.  It’s more fun and meaningful when we include others, say, my family and friends, in our relationship. Why not include them in our talks and ventures? They will surely love you as part of the family and won’t fail to involve you in every bonding experience. Trust me, this way they’ll learn to love you more–and forgive you more easily when you fail.

You see, relationships also call for community–it involves everyone else who cares, supports, and helps us in the growth of our relationship. And guess what. I’m beginning to love the people connected to you as well–your sister, your manager, that friendly customer service assistant  in your office. It seems so easy to do so; they’re just so like you.

So you got it. You’ve won me back.

With love,


(Active Audience)


“But the best part of the day was I got another chance to fall in love with you AGAIN.”

-Shrek 3


4 thoughts on “Letter to Dan

  1. Aww! I loooove this post! So touching and warm (as if I were the one being addressed by this letter). But I agree with the points that you raised here. Indeed, organizations have changed and adapted to the needs of their audiences. Customers do not give bad reviews for the sake of doing it. Rather, they are helping the brand to become better and well-adjusted to what the customers really need. 🙂

  2. Woah. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. 😀

    Thanks to this new era, we’ve got more social and more involved. We now have a say on everything and anything under the sun. The world has stopped dictating us on what we should have and do. It has ended reprimanding us of whom we should be. 🙂

    I wonder why it has to be DAN? I just don’t really like the name. Hehehehe. 😀 😀 😀

    1. it’s the age of freedom, and we should see to it that it will work to our advantage, not only for others’. 😉

      i’m sorry if the title’s bringing you back negative memories of yesterday. i just didn’t have a name to attach with the persona of organizations. haha. 😉


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