Even greater

It is extremely awful to feel inadequate.

It hurts to feel susceptible, to be at the mercy of someone else’s hands. It hurts when you know you fall short of someone’s expectations. It is painful to be rejected, be it subtly or right at your face.

But we are not meant to feel this way.

In a world where people no longer wait passively for what producers will feed them, everyone has an active role in participating and co-creating products and services that will best suit their needs and preferences. We all have the power to shape the things around us. In a world of shifting paradigms, it’s the Net Generation’s call to make the difference. And it’s no longer solely about what the big corporations say. Now, it’s about what we have to say that matters as well. With the Net Generation bringing on a new wave of innovation, no one no longer has any reason to feel completely inadequate and voiceless. The Internet gives no boundaries.

We don’t want plain readings. We go for audio-visual presentations. We are not contented with friends we meet at school. We long for connections with far-away loved ones and even with people from across the globe. We don’t settle for what lies at hand; we search the Word Wide Web to create what we can call excellent. We don’t focus on one single thing; we work best by combining what we love to do with what we have to do. And we want more.

The Internet gives no boundaries. And we are not meant to live within our comfort zones; we are meant to live out our maximum potential. We are destined to extend the lines further and further, exploring things never been done before.

Sounds empowering? But the Internet poses both a reward and a challenge. We are rewarded with a tool that enables us to do almost anything, anywhere we are and any time we want. But the challenge is that with a tool as this, we are expected to do even greater than what the preceding generations have done. We are not supposed to be living at our convenience. We are supposed to act not based on comfort, but on conviction on what ought to be done. The Internet is a great tool that enables us to do amazing things in easy ways, but it does not mean it’s only for fun and for sitting around.

New Social Media is not merely for maintaining and complementing; it is designed so we could do more, waste less, and surpass present accomplishments.

It is alright to feel inadequate sometimes. Failures and shortcomings remind us that we are human. It’s alright to feel susceptible at times, less we become too conceited and rush toward self defeat. But nevertheless, we gain strength in knowing one truth: we are called to do even greater. And it means we need not cry over spilled milk. Just be mature enough to admit failure–and determined enough to do better the next time around.


One thought on “Even greater

  1. i do agree with you that failures remind us that we are humans, fallible, imperfect. but sometimes, being human is not enough to justify our shortcomings, especially when we know that we could have done better if we only exerted more effort. and i realized that we always use our being imperfect so that we could stay in our comfort zones. we limit our capabilities in exchange for convenience.

    it is good that we learned this at an earlier time, before we enter the harsh world of corporations. in that jungle, every single mistake or failure counts. it could either make you or break you.


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