from vinegar into wine

Vinegar is sour; wine is sweet.  In many cases, life can be like vinegar or like wine.

It feels bad when you know you just got to do something yet failed to do it. It hurts when you know you gave your best but still others would criticize your work. It gets frustrating when you keep trying but never succeeding.

And yet, despite all these,  I refuse to remain sour.

I believe that failures enable me to learn; criticisms make me better. Trying times refine my character. Whatever the case, I am moving forward. If I fail, I fail forward.

My value depends on who I am, not solely on what I do. I am made to excel; I am born to conquer. I am the difference, and I won’t just be waiting for things to happen. I am part of the solution, and not of the problem. I will take action, and not give up ’til  I see my dreams fulfilled.

And in one way, that’s being OrCom.



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