Sinda, Tinday, at Handom sa Kabuhi

A friend once quoted that we need a little time out from what we usually do in order to keep our sanity. For some time I just thought of it as extravagance, but as I advance in years I come to see it as a need (haha!). That is the reason why volunteer opportunities are indeed a treat to me. It means a refreshing new environment, change of tasks for a few days, new people to meet, and a dozen or so realizations from experiences that are worth keeping. Allow me to share a shortlist of those insights in this post:

1. Live your passion.

In our Be Cool in School activity in Negros, I met a middle-aged man who would talk nonstop about arts and children advocacy. He is passionate for the arts and that is what he teaches to children. He has been doing it for more than 20 years up to the present. And even if he talked to me about it for more than two hours on the ride, there wasn’t even a hint of boredom. Truth is, he inspired me. Insight? If you breathe your passion, it makes you young. And it becomes contagious. Challenges and struggles may come as part of life, but they will just add flame to your burning desire.

2. Love easily.

The bibo kid who is the grand daughter of the inn owner in Kabankalan where we stayed taught me this lesson. It was love at first sight when we arrived at the place and she saw me. Within minutes, she held my hand and led me to our accommodation. She’s like a mini receptionist trainee! Haha.

When her mom came to fetch her, she reached for the door. Before she left, she told me, “I love you!” (Sweet! Haha) Yes, it’s dangerous to be so open to strangers. And yes, it’s a kid’s vulnerability that must be protected. But it is one thing that kids can teach us. They teach us to have childlike faith, and they teach us to love without thinking of conditions, of “if’s” and “but’s”.

3. You can’t help others if you can’t help yourself.

On our third day in Negros, we drove to Don Salvador and started hiking toward a school sitting on top of a mountain. Apparently, we had to cross four mountains to bring school supplies to well-deserved pupils. It was one hike I wasn’t expecting, and one I wasn’t prepared for. We had volunteers who carried boxes of supplies on their backs. We went down slopes, crossed wooden bridges, climbed huge rocks, and climbed (or rather crawled) steep terrains.

The white speck on the upper left of the photo is the destination — the school!
The huge rocks in the river that we had to conquer.
From above, the huge rocks… don’t even look huge at all! See, perspective matters! 😂

I initially didn’t want to pass through the bridge alone (I’m afraid of heights! Huhu) But it seemed like my companions intentionally left me on my own. Besides, the wooden bridge might budge if two people would cross together. So, I decided to cross on my own. Hooray for that victory!

The first wooden bridge.
Here’s the second! 😁

But after crossing the bridge, skipping over huge rocks, and crawling on muddy slopes, I began to feel dizzy. A few more minutes of walking and I felt like vomiting. My companions decided to carry me because my lips were already turning white. At first I resisted but realized that I had to yield. As I sat on the makeshift hammock made of bedsheets, tears flowed down my cheeks. There we were, bringing loads of school supplies to kids of indigenous people. They were carrying bulks of supplies, and they even had to carry an overweight version of me. I was dead weight.

Can you believe it’s me in that blanket?!
It sure is me! 😂 Smiling but crying haha.

This experience left an imprint in my heart. The people around me will always find a way to cope with the circumstances no matter how difficult. But if I want to be part of the solution and not the problem, I have to help myself. I need to be strong and resilient. I must be able to carry myself to the top.

This lesson applies not just in climbing actual mountains but in battling symbolic mountains as well. You cannot help people in need if you are also needy. Aim to be excellent and be at your best so you can use all the resources and all the connections you can get to lift people up from their destitute condition.

Looking back and reminiscing my experiences this year, I know that God did give me a break to refresh me. These insights are not new to me, but the way God “re-taught” them makes it all significant. Social work may not be my battle in life and I may not be able to come back to the communities we helped, but the lesson is powerful: Living a passionless life in your comfort zone with lots of worries and fear — it is not living at all. If I have to do paper work until I can start my own business, and serve my family and win souls and make them disciples, I have to fuse passion and give it my best shot. My efforts have to be significant. That, more than just touring around or hitching in out-of-town outreaches, is a life worth living.


So what does the title mean, after all? Well, they are Bisaya words that I learned during the volunteer activity.

Sinda = mythical environmental spirit; engkanto in Tagalog. The IP’s who accompanied us believed that my red shirt attracted sinda and caused me physical stress.

Tinday = a young carabao. One funny incident in which this term was uttered was when my teammate slid on a muddy slope and fell. The local guide tried to help but was carried away because my teammate weighed like a tinday! 😂

Handom sa Kabuhi = dream in life. This is the key message we shared to the school kids we visited. Whatever situation they may be in, they must not give up but hold on to their dream ❤


Dear #1 Reader

How does it feel to have your favorite author write you a personal note? What is it like to have your own little limelight in one of her published stuff? I can only wonder because I haven’t experienced it yet. I don’t even remember attending a book signing event and meeting one of my favorite authors face to face. But one thing I experienced — and remember well — is when one of my longtime readers made so much effort to meet me in person and hand me his gift. Little did I know that it would lead to something way, way greater.

The gift he intended to hand over in 2014. Due to some family emergency he wasn’t able to come. I met his uncle instead. 😛

It started with a simple friend request on SNS that I granted. In a matter of days I gained a solid follower of my blog, who would read every single post and comment on it. (Later on he would confess that he printed all the posts in my blog and compiled them in a folder — because he did not have regular internet access then in his former company in Saudi.) I didn’t realize how much my writing had made an impact on others — until someone would go the extra mile to meet me. Literally, from Saudi to his hometown Pangasinan to Manila. I was amazed.

Fast forward to the present. His favorite line is, “The person I just knew from a blog is now my girlfriend.” I’ll share the details of how my number one reader turned into my number one favorite person hopefully in the future (haha!). All I can say, to summarize the journey, is that I’ve been swept away by persistence. From 2012 to 2017 (and counting), this person never tires of hearing me out and making me feel special. In a world where it’s easy to get lost in so many things, he reminds me that I am worth the wait and I am worth the love. He reminds me that I am worth dying for, not because he is ready to die for me (though he may as well be peace! haha). He reminds me that Someone already did, and that is Jesus. You see, it adds so much significance when you share the same faith with your special someone. It makes the relationship stronger and more lasting 😉 In order for our relationships to be fruitful and to endure time, distance, and other challenges, Christ has to be at the center.

So, to my dear Dhan, sadly this post did not make it on your birthday. But I hope it will make its way to your heart. I’m trying my best not to say too much in the post. Haha! Finally, here is a post dedicated to you 😉 I’m almost certain it wouldn’t be the last. 🙂 Wishing you more meaningful years ahead of you, with me right beside you. I love you!

Sunshine in My Soul

Two girls lying in bed, both sobbing. Both crying to the Lord, asking, “Why is life so unfair?” It does seem a little funny looking back. But I remember how this moment served as one of the blocks that built a friendship lasting ten years and counting. This is the beautiful friendship I share with Sharyl.

We practically went through a rollercoaster ride of a journey through college. We shared almost the same set of friends, professors, and spiritual families (with “s” because we used to attend two different cell groups from two different churches. Lol). That is why we share a lot of memories, and many of them mela moments. It became our pastime to draw insights from those circumstances that we stressed over with. That’s why I had a lot of journal entries and blog posts way back college; I knew I had a lot to note down for my “future self” to remember. That’s when I said to myself, “This is the kind of friend I’d like to keep — someone I can relate with and learn from at the same time.”

Fast forward to the present and we’d “ditch” the drama and be straightforward with what we want or need to say. I also learned this from Sharyl (the hard way, I guess). We’d assert that we have to act and do something instead of complaining or asking why. That’s why we’d claim we’re always busy. There’s always something to do or someone to catch up with. There’s always a goal to reach and a standard by which we measure our progress toward it. Yes, we do still share life experiences and precious insights, but we make sure each “session” fits in the schedule and achieves a purpose (with an indicated agenda at times, haha).

There are more stories to tell when it comes to this friendship — more angles, more perspectives, more tangents (lols) — such that a single blog post wouldn’t suffice. Maybe the reason I find it hard to write you a blog post, Sharyl, is that you are both annoying and amazing to me. You’re the kind of friend who would go in my way to question my decisions and call out my disguises. You would challenge my limitations, because you knew they could be stretched farther. And that is also what makes you amazing. You never give up on your friends, even when sometimes in some areas they’ve given up on themselves. And a friend like that is worth cherishing.

On this nth birthday of yours, I pay my longstanding debt of due recognition to you as the best friend. Lol. May you have more awesome years to celebrate in this life and may you be able to reach a whole lot more people for Jesus. Keep on writing, because as you share your life lessons you bring in the sunshine in people’s souls. Just how you did in mine. ❤

Insights of an Employee of the Year

I won best employee! Okay, sorry if this post seems so 2016. I’d intentionally refrained from posting this feat to avoid being branded as a boastful brat. But good things are really worth sharing, right? Besides, I deem it better to share this with insights rather than merely tweeting a shoutout. So, allow me to wrap up 2017 and start this year by sharing this learning, hoping that in one way or another it may ring true this 2018.

1. Success is a bad teacher.

When I heard this quote, I was 100% sure that it defines exactly what I experienced. The whole quote says, “Success is a bad teacher. It teaches you that you cannot be beaten.” In daily life, there are wins and losses. It doesn’t matter if you are Employee of the Year, Popular Girl, Miss Congeniality in the office, or whatever title you may hold. Just because you are titled doesn’t mean you are always right and you are entitled to everything you want to achieve. Humility, humility. Nothing turns people off more than blind arrogance.

2. Your work is your integrity.

A trophy is something you receive onstage, but a testimony is something you have to live out each day. Some people mock the thought of awarding someone as best employee, because they know every single person in the office has imperfections. But once you realize that your work reflects who you are as a person, you’ll do your best each day. You’ll keep doing better because that is you. And you don’t have to keep pressuring yourself to live up to the title.

3. You cannot please everybody.

Some people will like you because you’re excellent, but others will hate you even more. Haters gonna hate, they say. Haha! While it became tempting to believe that it is possible to get everyone’s approval, it just isn’t possible. I learned to be comfortable in my own skin, because “those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter won’t mind.”

4. Teamwork is not cliche.

And the thing is, just because it is one of the most discussed topics doesn’t make it easier to achieve. Our team, for one, is made up of at least four different personalities with different perspectives and priorities. There were times when we misunderstood each other and ended up bitter toward one another. If we don’t agree to disagree, we’ll all end up exhausted. I am proud to say that despite our differences and petty fights, we are able to work together and produce creative (yes, creative) output and outdo our previous accomplishments. Our team was the set of people who overlooked my crazy moments, believed in my abilities, and encouraged me to keep doing better in new grounds. For the Best Team Ever, I am truly grateful.

They say you can find family wherever you may be. We tend to agree with this when we look for people who will nurture and support us all the way. But when these same people check on us and correct us, we reject them. One of the insights that struck me most is the truth that the victories we win, we achieve with the help of people around us. The more we gain momentum, the more we should humble down and listen to the people who helped us. These are our mentors and leaders in life. They deserve our respect, trust, and admiration. Because they give their best to lead and manage us, we can do better. And we certainly can do even better as we honor them by continually achieving works of excellence — with or without the title.

I find it energizing to work for a boss that is fun-loving and generous. Onstage with our CEO, Sir Maynard, my boss Mam Leah, and our HR manager, Mam Cindy.

I Did Come Along to Batolusong  

Credit to Dhan for this stunning, award-winning photo! 🙂

I really love the sky

But I don’t want to fly

I want to climb a mountain

But to think of it makes me sigh

I want to feel so high

But the fear of heights makes me cry

The irony of it all

Simply makes me ask “Why?”

But real friends make me strong

And help me address what’s wrong

They help me see nature

In ways that will make me mature

Hiking up a mountain

Taught me to fight

To walk and climb

With all my might

To carry the littlest burdens

Make the travel light

Enjoy the journey

Breathe in the sight

No matter how scary

Is the mountain’s height

The birds all learn

To enjoy the flight

The sun will continue

to shine bright

No matter how many times

Day turns to night

Friendships are strengthened

As we reached Mt. Batolusong’s height

Our perspectives widened

Our horizons broadened

Friends, nature, and life

See their beauty altogether

Put your heart into your travel

Decide to wander, wonder, and ponder


This post is reminiscent of two challenges that I overcame with the help of my favorite people in the world. First, I got to write a poem (which I last did way back in high school) for a travel photo contest (when I never really take pictures when I travel). Second, as the title of this post stated: I did come along with friends to Mt. Batolusong, Tanay, Rizal. Cheers to my first real mountain hike! I did not imagine that I would be able to fulfill my dream of mountain climbing. Despite all my hesitations, my closest of friends succeeded in hiking all the way to the very peak with me. What a heavy baggage I must have been! Haha.

Really, I’m grateful to God for friends who challenged me to go out of my comfort zone, and never left me behind when I thought I couldn’t make it. I had a recent realization that I am not as nice as I thought I was. But, these crazy friends never gave up on me but were compassionate toward me and highly motivated enough to inspire me during the low points of my life. They don’t tolerate me but always bring me closer to the Lord so that I may change and be the person He wanted me to be. Indeed, making dreams come true is so much better when you’ve got real friends to do it with you. ❤


“Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family.” Proverbs 18:24 (MSG)

A Tale as Old as Time

It is understandable that many people (majority of them girls) would love the classic film from the 90’s. I personally do, too. But to give away two IMAX tickets with a Krispy Kreme treat included as prize for a Beauty-and-the-Beast-themed essay contest is definitely out of the ordinary. This friend of mine has this passion that is amusing and inspiring at the same time. There is something with the way she deeply loved Beauty and the Beast that triggered my imagination. Maybe that’s how they say passion is contagious. So, to give due recognition of my friend’s love for the tale that’s as old as time, let me write my share of the essay — no matter how past the deadline it would be. 

If you were the beast, how are you going to change to unleash the princess in you and why? Discuss your motivation for change. 

Many times we relate with Belle — being adventurous, almost perfect, admired by all, and with some person needing our love and compassion. It is one question we ask ourselves only when we are forced to give an answer: can I possibly love someone who is beastly on the outside but tender on the inside? Often, we see ourselves as one who gives understanding, never the one who needs changing. Always the Beauty, never the Beast.

But as one of my writer friends wrote, there is a beast in every heart. Inside each of us is someone as irritating as she is irritable, self-centered, arrogant, lazy, and undeserving of love. The moment we realize this, the long-loved movie begins to take on a different perspective. So, if I were the beast, how do I break the curse and unleash the prince within me? Let me first share a few of my musings on the movie:

1. Recognize love when you see it.

The unexpected arrival of Maurice at the castle appeared as intrusion, which angered the Beast. But when Belle volunteered to be a substitute for her father out of love, the Beast recognized it. It is something unheard of in the castle for years, something both familiar and new at the same time. Something heartwarming. And he decided to welcome it home. And so, the journey to transformation began.

2. Let love have its way.

Having Belle in the castle changed the way things were done. Suddenly there was someone in the house with a positive vibe, and the house staff seemed to favor and imitate her disposition. The Beast had to adjust. He learned to warm up, open up, be kinder, and be considerate. He learned to look beyond his selfish needs. It felt as if the song was playing in the background, “Bittersweet and strange… Finding you can change…  Learning you were wrong…” The Beast learned to let love have its way in him, and it changed him on the inside. Maybe that is how change takes place sometimes. It must first happen on the inside

3. Let love take its place. 

After some time, Belle learned to love the castle. The staff (aka living kitchenware) were expectant that the curse would be broken. So did the Beast. But, more importantly, he was looking forward to forever with Belle. But when Belle had to attend to her father’s terrible condition, the Beast decided to send her home — even if that means letting go of the chance to break the curse, and letting go of the chance at forever. The Beast learned to let love take control of his destiny, and counted the cost for it. The same love gave way for Gaston to attack and kill him. But the same love finally broke the curse and set the stage for a love that, as fairy taletellers write, would live happily ever after. 

The moral of the story resonates with me in the sense that it highlights how love changes a person. And I think that could best answer the question of how to unleash the royalty within each person. Love makes you brave, yet kind; strong, and at the same time tender. It enables you to make the toughest decisions and offer the greatest sacrifices.

The song says, “Certain as the sun, rising in the east. Tale as old as time, Song as old as rhyme…” This love story has been around for as long as one could remember. The story of an unlovable beast receiving undeserved love and attention goes way back… to the cross. “While we were still sinners Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8). Love came to save us and change us. Change happens when love takes over. What is the greatest motivation for change? Love. And the greatest love one can ever have? God’s love. “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13). If one needs changing, he should come to God. Does your situation in life needs changing? Seek God. You will find that He will not just change your situation, but He will first change you and unleash the royalty within you. 

I didn’t get to win Franny’s contest, but I did get to watch Beauty and the Beast with my siblings. Thanks, Cherry Mobile family!! ❤

Why am I Still… 

A few days ago I turned 26. My mother got married at the age of 26. I did not intend to sound pressured or bitter at all with this statement. Well, maybe a little in between the lines. There has never been a point in my life where my family pushed me to have a boyfriend. Not until this Christmas vacation. (Just kidding!) But the two questions that my longtime family friends and relatives kept throwing to me this past holiday season were:

  1. How old are you now? 
  2. When will you get married?

The lack for an answer to number 2 made it harder to answer number 1. I couldn’t even start with number 1, knowing that the number 2 question would surely follow! Then I remember one line from the Doulos Devotion that I read weeks ago. It read something like this: “After many years, Jacob’s desire has been met because he could have a child with the woman he loved. He had loved her so much that he committed to work seven more years in order to marry her” (Castellanos, 2016). We all knew Jacob’s side of the story. But what about Rachel? How was she able to endure seven years of waiting? Did it also seem like a few days for her because she loved him? Did she love him in the first place to wait for him seven years?

While these questions surely do take a lot of time in research, God brings me to the topic of waiting as I thought about this thing in the past weeks:

1. To wait means to be better. 

Waiting is often pictured as sitting on a chair staring at the ceiling as time wastes away. It should mean more than just that. When Jacob met Rachel she was taking care of the sheep. When the servant of Isaac’s father saw Rebekah, she was doing her task to draw water. You don’t just sit and look pretty when you wait; you work, and you get the work done. You work til you become better. Waiting is a journey. This is a no-nonsense perspective, because even determining the right lifetime partner is a journey. Marrying the right person is a journey. Everything is a journey toward perfection, until the day Jesus comes to make us perfect. It is the journey that makes the destination or outcome more fulfilling.

2. To wait means to believe in the promise.

You wait because the One who promised is faithful. He called you and chose you. He redeemed you from the past, renewed your mindset, and gave you a new heart. He restored everything you lost during the times you acted foolish. He gave you everything you need for life and godliness. He equips you to accomplish His purpose (2 Peter 1:3). He gave His Son for your salvation; surely He will graciously give you all things through Christ (Romans 8:32). It is His will for you to raise a generation that loves Him. Surely, He will provide a way for it. 

You wait because what He has in store is good, even far more wonderful than what you imagined. You wait because you know that it would be worth the wait. That this person would be worth the wait. It’s not like marriage (or a love relationship at the least) is something anyone can have as soon as he wants to. Maybe the reason it does not come around yet is that God is still preparing you for the big reveal. So, learn, learn, learn. Explore and discover. Always aim to be at your best, knowing that those who wait on the Lord and trust Him will never be put to shame (Romans 10:11). 

Patiently waiting… for the bus. ❤
One of the best gifts ever from Mam Leah. Let’s enjoy the wait, one day at a time. 😉

So, yes. I’m learning to enjoy waiting. With a God Whose love never fails, how can one dare to complain? I know God won’t fail me; so, I won’t fail Him. Everything falls in their proper places at the right time. For my part, I will keep on basking in the light of God’s love and letting people know of this: He is the source of love. In fact, He is love. (1 John 4:7-12)

“Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14


My closest of friends have a pet peeve for the mainstream. They don’t root for songs so popular they can replace the national anthem, extremely trendy fashion fads, and “crush ng bayan” guys who bask in the limelight. They are not fans of cliches and generic wordings. That is why there is this hesitation for me to blog about something that everyone used to talk about. But if it is too good to be kept secret, then it would be worthwhile to be shared, right?

Light and funny movies that are a must-watch for the whole family can be blog material too, as I find out. But really, little did I know that in a super funny zombie movie such as Train to Busan I would find realizations that will resonate in days or even months — lessons marked so true in our lives today.

Here are a few:

While Train to Busan is generally a social commentary on what it truly means to be human, it can be seen as a tribute to all men who are ready to fight for the ones they love, even if it costs them their lives. This is crucial given the status quo where women are treated as sex objects and families are left to the sole leadership of mothers. The irresponsibility of many boys who refuse to grow up as men stain the reputation of those who aim hard to be good husbands and fathers. In the words of father-to-be Sang Hwa in the movie, “Dads always get the bad rap and none of the praise.”

This insight is further emphasized when placed side by side with the story of a man who also loves, but selfishly. It is easily irritating to watch how the selfish businessman Yong Suk puts everyone else in danger because of his personal agenda. Later on in the movie the audience realizes that his end desire is to be reunited with his mother. Nevertheless, getting to your goal while putting others in jeopardy ends in destruction.

Another truth exemplified: everyone can be a hero. Father-to-be Sang Hwa, Su An’s father, Seok Woo, and the crazy stranger who lived until near the end just to save Su An and the pregnant woman Sung Gyeong from a crowd of zombies. Men from different backgrounds, each one a hero. If men would just realize. A normal student. A boy next door. A simple engineer. An “ordinary” dad, or househusband perhaps. Just. Anyone. Can. Be. A. Hero.

One more learning that really struck me deep came hours after watching the movie, when I wondered who the real protagonists were — Suan and Sung Gyeong, or Seok Woo and San Hwa? If Suan and Sung Gyeong are the main characters, why is it that the sacrifices of both fathers resonate much longer? I heard it said that main characters are supposed to live until the end. But maybe the best way for them to embody the theme is to die. As San Hwa hinted near the climax of the movie, “It’s all about sacrifice.”






This truth is reflected in real life. We are who we now are because of someone else. We have what we’re having because of somebody giving way for us or helping us obtain it. It’s never a one-man team. Many times, we have what we have not because of our skills or efforts, but because someone else made a sacrifice for us. But oftentimes we act as selfish brats, claiming all of the rights and none of the responsibilities.

So while the end of the movie gave me a huge relief from a tireless attack of mad zombies, it forces me to rethink the word sacrifice. And I realize, sacrifices are oftentimes made out of necessity and not heroism. Then I think, How many people have sacrificed their time and resources for me? Who are those who have shed countless sacrifices out of love for me? And finally, how have I responded in return?


“For you have been called for this purpose, since Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps,” — 1 Peter 2:21

Keep You Proud

I used to think tears would keep falling every time the 22nd of August comes around. But then I realize, what is there to keep grieving for? It’s not the number of years that matter after all. A life that had been worth living is a life worth celebrating. Even if it has been cut quite too short, it nevertheless leaves an impact on people who had been a part of it. So, in remembrance of Mama, despite some sadness and deep longing, I give emphasis on high esteem and due recognition.

I have always admired you for being strong and passionate, Ma. You have stood firm beside Papa. You had always been his solid support. You could have been the best pastor’s wife. It is my prayer to be as loving, dedicated, and goal-driven as you are — as a mentor, a teacher, a wife, and a mother. Thank you for investing in my education, for making me the kind of person that I am. I’ll always be proud of inheriting your wit and your genes. I will always keep on making you proud.

Letter to a Dear Friend

Everyone desires to give himself completely to someone else that he loves. I am wondering if this is something you have already done and failed, or if it is too great a feat that you still keep searching for the “one” most deserving of your love. With much concern, I hope it is the latter.

“We only receive the love we think we deserve,” is one common saying. And another is that “you can only give what you have.” I know, deep inside of you, that you have the capacity to endow any person you choose with a love that lasts forever. I know you have the ability to build a good family. I know you have a big chance at saying goodbye to a lifetime of loneliness. I know you can because you want to. But the thing is, you should know.You should know that you deserve this: to love and be loved. To be vulnerable toward someone you love but secure that she will love you back no matter what.To give of yourself for someone else and be fulfilled because of it. You should know that no one is too bad that love can’t change him. No one is beyond forgiveness.

I am no expert in love, but this I am sure of: no other person can complete you. Only God can, because everything begins and ends in Him. I pray that as you think about these things you’ll come to realize that it is God’s love and forgiveness that you should first seek. Getting right with God will remove all the guilt and replace it with hope. Hope that says, “It is not yet too late for love.”


There is something amazing in literally waking up in the morning and having the right words for the “write” time. Maybe I should keep a notepad and pen always on the bedside.

A takeaway quote:

“How strange and backwards the world can be sometimes. So many people just give up on love, even though love is the best thing that can happen to them.”

 — James Patterson, Sam’s Letters to Jennifer